Perris High School is the oldest campus in Perris Unified High School District (PUHSD) having been built in the late 1950’s, and had its first graduating class in 1962. The original campus has withstood the test of time and served the students of the Perris community throughout the 50-plus years that it has been the anchor of the District’s four High Schools. There have been some renovations and updates over the years, but the current work, which will expand, rehabilitate and upgrade the campus, is part of a major overhaul that is scheduled to be completed in 2020 to completely transform the 2,500-student campus.

Daniel’s Electric has finished the 46,776 square-foot 2-story Media Arts Building as a part of Phase 2 construction. Additionally, we are currently on site completing the 30,000 square-foot Vocational Education and Instructional Technology Building and the 12,700 square-foot 2-story Agricultural Technology Building (referred to as the Perris Agricultural Center for Excellence). The building will consist of agricultural classrooms, lab areas, a new floral shop and a very unique 2nd-story terrace garden. Other upgrades include removal of hazardous materials, upgrading fire safety, school security, and improving access for disabled persons.